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Customer Experience Video Challenge

It’s that time of year again! In preparation for Extension State Conference, we’re excited to announce a unique opportunity to have fun, practice new skills and show your N.C. Cooperative Extension pride!

With that in mind, we’re launching our first Customer Experience Video Challenge. The challenge is a chance to practice what you’ve learned regarding the customer experience, video development and marketing, while highlighting the impacts you and your colleagues are having across the state.


The video challenge is intended to showcase your efforts and educate one another about the work going on locally, both in the counties and on our campuses. We want to create a statewide “practice field” for everyone to collaborate, compete and grow.

To that end, we ask that each county (or a group of local centers) work as a team to create a short video that demonstrates a specific aspect(s) of our Extension customer experience. Campus specialists from both universities are asked to form teams and participate.

From the initial pool, six videos will reach the semifinal round – that’s one video from each district and campus (one selection for N.C. A&T and NC State combined). The top video will be shown during the awards luncheon at conference!

Timeline | Key Dates

  • Last Day to Submit Videos: OCTOBER 22, 2018
  • Review All Submitted Videos: OCTOBER 22-NOVEMBER 4, 2018
  • Review Semifinal Videos: NOVEMBER 5, 2018
  • Final Decision on Awards: NOVEMBER 7, 2018
  • Video Awards at State Conference Lunch: NOVEMBER 15, 2018


Your videos should be 2-3 min. long and demonstrate what you’ve learned from the customer experience initiative that kicked off last year.


To assist with the planning process, we have established several themes that will get you going in the right direction. Each theme has a set of questions to help guide you – see the Themes section of our Customer Experience Video Challenge Overview.

  • Getting the brand right
  • Solving a customer’s problem
  • Great front-line service on the phone
  • Elevator speech/Know your business
  • Citizen/Client/Parent testimonial
  • Positive thinking
  • Cultivating partnerships

As you brainstorm and create your videos, be mindful of future opportunities to market your programs, staff and county goals to your various stakeholders. A few examples of potential video topics include:

  • A day in the life of an agent providing a great customer experience.
  • How to show enthusiasm and not have it come off as “fake” or insincere.
  • Handling a disgruntled customer.
  • Before and after… How we recognize staff for providing a great customer experience.

Watch a video example from NC State Extension administration!

Feedback Rubric

Our video challenge committee will review all videos using the criteria outlined below to provide you with constructive feedback:

  • Team Effort: Burden of the video is shared among multiple team members.
  • Concept: Team chose an appropriate customer experience concern and clearly demonstrated understanding.
  • Storytelling: Video told a clear story or stories with characters, conflict, and resolution. The lesson or takeaway was clearly communicated even if not stated outright.
  • Visual Quality: Effort was shown in capturing attractive, appropriate visual elements.
  • Sound Quality: Effort was shown in capturing clear audio with appropriate sound effects (if included) and little to no distracting background noise. If incorporated, music is appropriate and did not overwhelm the main audio track.
  • Duration: Video is between 2-3 minutes in length.
  • Branding: The N.C. Cooperative Extension brand is appropriately represented in the video.
  • Creativity: The video demonstrates effort at being creative and unique.


Additional Resources

Take a look at the Customer Experience Video Challenge Overview for a comprehensive summary of the initiative.

We also provide several more resources below to help guide you along the way:


So you’ve finished your video – congratulations! Now what?

  • First, complete the entry form for your team.
  • Then load your final video file (preferably .mp4) to this Google Drive folder.
  • That’s it, you’re done! We’ll announce the top videos leading up to conference in November.

We look forward to seeing the energy and creativity of Extension on full display!